Hey, Rutgers: Do the Right Thing and Free the Alley

With fall semester right around the corner, Rutgers students are ready to finally get back to school and hit the books hard. Although most of us love studying whenever we can, some students are excited to dabble in the social aspect of college. And during fall semester, that means tailgate season.

Since Rutgers is a Big Ten school, they must have awesome tailgates at the parking lots outside High Point Solutions Stadium, right? No, of course not! Our tailgates are actually in a different city than where the game takes place (kind of a cheap shot but Busch is in Piscataway and College Ave is New Brunswick). Continue reading Hey, Rutgers: Do the Right Thing and Free the Alley

Don La Greca Puts This Caller Six Feet Under

There’s a great song by Daniel Powter infamously entitled “Bad Day”, released in the Golden Year that was 2005. Good song, even better now as a throwback. I mention it because the situation below clearly resulted in a “Bad Day” for all involved. This is must-watch entertainment:

Don co-hosts “The Michael Kay Show” with, you guessed it, Michael Kay.  They are both common voices of New York sports radio, which is definitely one of the more passionate sporting markets in the world. Don CLEARLY shows that passion here. Continue reading Don La Greca Puts This Caller Six Feet Under

Chad Green Flame Throwing Maniac

More often than not a pitcher will get every chance possible to be a starter when attempting to make the major leagues. You don’t have to look much farther than Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer who ever lived, who started for his first full year in the majors. Archie Bradley, once the Diamondbacks top pitching prospect was moved to the bullpen and has been one of the most dominant relievers in 2017. Teams simply place more of an emphasis and importance on starting pitchers. Spring training usually starts with a couple minor league pitchers vying for one or two of the remaining spots in the rotation or else their banished to the bullpen or worse…the minors. Chad Green was no different.

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After the trade that sent him and Luis Cessa to the Yankees in exchange for Justin Wilson (now with the Cubs due to the Tigers roster full of Crypt Keepers), the 26 year old Green flashed some promise as a rotation fill in at the end of the 2016 season. There were warning signs of inconsistency that hinted he may never be more than a serviceable fifth man or even rotation insurance down in Triple-A, he got only one start this year for the Yankees and lasted just 2.1 innings. For those of you that don’t know, generally you want your starting pitcher to last a little longer than an out into the third inning otherwise you’re bullpen will be decimated for the next day. It seemed like Green’s major league career was destined to be that of the low leverage variety, maybe as the second long reliever in the bullpen thanks to the sheer dominance of Adam Warren this year (another starter converted to the bullpen).

Continue reading Chad Green Flame Throwing Maniac

Predicting the Next Overplayed “Sorority Girl” Song

Last summer, The Chainsmokers gave us ultra-hit “Closer”, which was a great song until it was the only song played everywhere.  Walking through the quad, what else do you hear but “HEY….I was doing just fine…” or going into a party and hearing twelve sorority girls drunkenly standing on tables screaming “SO BABY PULL ME CLOSER”.  It was everywhere and anywhere, like the black plague in the 1340s (too soon?).

Much like Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” or “Sorry” in 2016, there are certain songs and certain artists that get belligerently overplayed every single year. It’s a tale as old as time, in my opinion dating back to the 1800s. I mean how many times have you heard Beethoven’s 5th symphony? I’m sure enough for your liking, right??? Sorry, that’s enough 19th century and beyond references for one article.

My point being that every year, for as long as I can remember, there is a song (AKA Song of the Summer) that is really good then gets pushed off a cliff by fans and radio stations playing it every second. So, I am going to predict the artist that will come out with the next big time (rush?) hit of the 2017-2018 school year.  But, first some honorable mentions and a dark horse: Continue reading Predicting the Next Overplayed “Sorority Girl” Song

BTBspiracies: Was Air Bud Too Good to Be True?

Over 20 years of greatness. Sport after sport, Air Bud, aka Buddy, DOMINATED middle and high school athletes, putting their college athletic dreams on hold as he made them look silly with every new movie, all while being the most lovable dog imaginable. He was truly a dog like no other…or was he?

Call me crazy, but this movie came out in 1997. You know what else was happening in the late 90s? You guessed it. The Steroid Era. Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, and the whole rest of the Juice Squad were sticking needles in every part of their body and hitting nukes (sorry) all over the baseball diamond. It was an iconic time in baseball.

Too good to be true? (also please watch this video, the fact that somebody actually took the time to make this is hilarious on its own)

Now I’m not accusing Buddy of juicing up, but I’m simply speculating at his consistent dominance over multiple sports at such a tainted time in sports.  Kind of hard to sustain organically, don’t you think? Let’s take a deeper look. Continue reading BTBspiracies: Was Air Bud Too Good to Be True?

It’s Uncomfortable How Many Yankee “Fans” Have Judge Jerseys Already

Huge win last night. Should we have scored more runs off a guy who came into the game with an ERA over 6? Probably. But coming off as deflating of a loss as Sunday night was, with Luis Cessa on the mound, any victory was a big one.

Bert, Dave and I’s spirits were preeeetty low when Curtis Granderson and Yoenis Cespedes hit two solo shots in the third to make it 2-0 Mets. We were standing in right center so we had the perfect view of Judge trying to rob Cespedes. I literally started to cheer when I saw it hit his glove, only for it to deflect off of it into the bullpen.

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