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Mayor Duck Special – Ep. 9 “Bounce-Back Picks, Sleepers, and QB Matchup” w/ Rob Sartori

Rob and I break down everything you need to know for Week 2 of the 2017 NFL season, so before 1 o’clock hits on Sunday, make sure to take 10 minutes out of your day to listen to some expert analysis.


An Ode to Anquan Boldin

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Boldin stays in bounds and dives in for a TD against the then St. Louis Rams

This play was made in his 11th season, on his third NFL team. Even though Anquan Boldin never had blazing speed or phenomenal route-running, he always had a knack for making plays, giving his best effort and having the toughness of a linebacker. I mean look at that fucking body control. Any other receiver in their 30’s does that and their bound to pop an achilles.

First of all, the guy registered 10 grabs for 217 yards and two touchdowns…IN HIS FIRST CAREER GAME! No one expected that from the second-round pick from Florida State. He didn’t even play receiver full time in college.

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You can tell how long the guy was in the league for just by looking at those old Arizona uniforms

Paired up with Larry Fitzgerald, the duo became a match made in heaven. There was only one problem though. Continue reading An Ode to Anquan Boldin

Mayor Duck Special – Ep. 3 “Panthers @ Texans”

What better way is there to break down the highly anticipated first official preseason game of the year than a Mayor Duck Special podcast?

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You hear that silence? Me too. Enjoy!