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It’s Uncomfortable How Many Yankee “Fans” Have Judge Jerseys Already

Huge win last night. Should we have scored more runs off a guy who came into the game with an ERA over 6? Probably. But coming off as deflating of a loss as Sunday night was, with Luis Cessa on the mound, any victory was a big one.

Bert, Dave and I’s spirits were preeeetty low when Curtis Granderson and Yoenis Cespedes hit two solo shots in the third to make it 2-0 Mets. We were standing in right center so we had the perfect view of Judge trying to rob Cespedes. I literally started to cheer when I saw it hit his glove, only for it to deflect off of it into the bullpen.

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Yankees/Sox Summary & Subway Series Preview

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I’m done with Aroldis Chapman. That’s now two blown saves against the Red Sox this year, and almost another on Friday night. That’s inexcusable. He can’t close important games anymore, let David Robertson do that. I don’t care what Chapman makes, he crumbles under pressure. While Didi Gregorious has made the transition from the Jeter era seamless, Chapman constantly reminds Yankee fans that there will never be another Mariano Rivera.

It sucks that they didn’t take 2 out of 3. But the way I see it, we stole one from them and they returned the favor last night. Friday night was the best win of the year. When you turn a 4-run lead over in the eighth to your newly acquired setup man, you probably expect to win that game. But the Yankee bats finally came to life, and some heroics by Aaron Hicks, Didi Gregorious and Todd Frazier helped the Yankees to a 5-4 win, sealed by an awesome 7-5 double play in which Hicks’ throw got Eduardo Nunez trying to tag from 2nd to 3rd.

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Do Pitchers Deserve MVP Consideration?

When you work a summer job in college, you have downtime. When you have downtime, you go on Facebook. And when you go on Facebook, you get in sports-based arguments with grown men in the comments section of the MLB Network page. You will never catch me talking about politics on social media, or really anywhere in general, because I’d rather listen to that awful sound a fork makes when you drag it across a plate than debate Becky from Ohio on health care. Anyway, I got into a friendly debate (actually friendly, trust me this went very well because I can get VERY triggered when it comes to sports on Facebook) with James from Minnesota and David from Michigan.

The MLB Network post was debating who should be the American League MVP this year, and the three guys they brought up were Jose Altuve, Aaron Judge, and Chris Sale. While Judge was the consensus favorite at the All-Star break, his slump since then has made Altuve the favorite. I agree with this 100%, but anyone who is trying to make a case for anyone besides Judge to win AL Rookie of the Year needs to take a lap, maybe even two. Chris Sale has been unreal for the Red Sox, boasting a 14-4 record with a 2.57 ERA, 0.88 WHIP and 229 strikeouts. The guy is gonna be the AL Cy Young award winner, no doubt about it. But does he deserve MVP consideration? Does any pitcher?

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Rutgers Basketball Currently Has Top-10 Recruiting Class for 2018 (Not Fake News)

I’m a big-time Rutgers fan. Both my parents went there, so I’ve followed their football and basketball teams since like 4th grade. Once I made the decision to go there, obviously my fandom reached another level, considering I can go to a bunch more games than I ever did before. Let’s be brutally honest here, Rutgers has been absolutely bullied in Big Ten competition since joining the conference in 2014. I won’t get into football because I’m still trying to recover from last season, and that’s not what I’m here to blog about. No, I’m here to talk about the basketball team.

Rutgers football has at least had some successful seasons that I can remember. Rutgers basketball has been a trainwreck for awhile. But there’s been some exciting moments in the past few years for the Scarlet Knights. I was there in 2015 when they beat eventual NCAA runner-up Wisconsin at the RAC (if Wisconsin beat 38-0 Kentucky and Rutgers beat Wisconsin, Rutgers technically went 39-0 that year. It’s science.) Corey Sanders and co. have actually been relatively competitive in the Big Ten games I’ve seen at the RAC, too, staying within striking distance of national powerhouses like Michigan St. and Indiana. But will Rutgers ever compete for a Big Ten crown, or make the NCAA tournament? Well, get a load of this.

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Yankees to Wear Names on Jerseys for First Time; Here’s Why it’s a Good Thing

The Yankee tradition is unlike any other. Part of this tradition is the fact that they are the only MLB team to never have had player names on their uniforms. Some teams, like the Red Sox, have names on their away jerseys, but not the home ones. But neither the Yankees’ home nor away jerseys feature names. That’s why when I first saw this, I was slightly outraged.

But after reading the article, not only am I not opposed to it, I’m in support. Let me explain.

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How to Prepare on Fantasy Football Draft Day

Draft day. It’s a day that only comes once a year for fantasy football owners (or a few times, depending on how many leagues you’re in.) If you’re a true fantasy footballer, you’ve been doing mock drafts and reading fantasy advice online for weeks now. That’s obviously important, but it doesn’t matter if you take the wrong course of action on draft day. So here’s a timeline of how you should spend your draft day if you’re serious about winning your league this year.

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Correcting Barstool’s Yankees Blogger’s Post Because it was so Incorrect I Couldn’t Leave it Alone

Here’s a little BTB Sports insider info for you guys. You may or may not know, but one of our biggest inspirations for starting this blog was Barstool Sports, which Rob, Dave and myself are all fans of. They have a lot of guys who write the same way as us. Some sports blogs make it seem like you’re sitting through a lecture. Barstool blogs are more like having a conversation with your buddies. However, for every guy Barstool has whose blogs I love to read, there are a few bloggers whose posts are just insufferable.

One of their Yankees bloggers, Barstool JJ, is the absolute worst. The guy gets eviscerated in the comments section on every blog he has. He just really doesn’t know anything and acts like he’s the Gandhi of Yankees Baseball. Yesterday, He posts this blog.

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