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Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Hate On Aaron Judge Just Because He’s a Good Guy and a Young Star in the MLB

Note: Granted this blog was started by three Yankee fans, but we need some more Yankee hate on this blog. Everyone knows you can’t have a great sports blog without hating on/making fun of teams like the Yankees, Cowboys (unfortunately), Patriots, Warriors, etc.

All Rise, and let me paint a hypothetical for you to start this out. Say you are a standard Yankees fan who lives in the tri-state area. If you are my age, you grew up watching the Red Sox send out David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, and other players who were on their championship teams in 2004 and/or 2007. Naturally, you hated these guys and those teams, for the most part simply because they were all Boston Red Sox and you hated that team. Flash forward to the last couple of seasons, the Red Sox have brought in young talent such as Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr., and Andrew Benintendi, just to name a few. All of these guys have been good guys on and off the field, and of course are loved by Red Sox fans. If you are a Yankee fan, you may not hate these guys as much as you hated the 2000s Red Sox (yet), but you naturally root against these guys and hate on them because as good as they may be, they play for the Boston Red Sox.

My point? As a Mets fan, don’t tell me I can’t root hard against Aaron Judge and the rest of the Baby Bombers just because they’re great players.

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How Do My Professors Expect Me to Do Well in School While Playoff Baseball Is On?

It’s blasphemy, flabbergasting, preposterous, and any other large word that implies crazy thinking or behavior. I mean, look, I wanna do well in school as much as the next guy…but at what cost? Missing Kyle Hendricks throw a 7 inning-gem against the favored Nats? Not being able to see your home-town Yankees win two in a row with their backs against the wall? Lacking the ability to soak in the happiness of the Red Sox being embarrassingly eliminated at home? Mr. Professor…that’s priceless.

And now, as the halfway point of the semester approaches and midterms need to be studied for, October baseball is heating up, and Jim Rome Is Burning.

Image result for jim rome is burning

I literally have a midterm assignment due tomorrow and a midterm exam on Friday, but I am planning my day around watching the Yankees in Game 5 tonight instead, not studying for the test and completing my work. How do these professors expect me to do both? I can multitask, but I’m no dual-threat student that can study efficiently AND give the proper attention to Game 5 it requires.

Look, I’m not saying colleges and universities need to schedule midterms and other homework around playoff baseball, but I kind of am. Us baseball fans wait through SIX months and 162 games of sometimes irrelevant baseball to get to this part of our lives. It’s important that we dedicate ourselves fully to it.

All I ask for is that during that month, I have no responsibility.¬† No school, no work, no extra-curricular activities, nothing. I do not care about the affects technology has on Foreign Direct Investment in Europe, but I do care about the affects Stephen Strasburg’s changeup has on right-handed hitters.

So to all my professors, a little respect for my desires would be greatly appreciated. Take my final grade into account, and take your job into account. If I’m not going to try for a whole month out of the semester, it probably won’t reflect too positively on your class grade. Not a threat, just something to chew on next week when I’m taking a midterm entirely clueless because Game 3 of the ALDS was on.¬† Go Yanks.

2017 Savage of the Year Winner Already Crowned; Debate is Over

The infamous quote from Anchorman, “I’m going to take your mom [Dorothy Mantooth] out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call her again” has been executed, one-upped, and exposed.

I’ve heard of revenge fucks, but holy shit. This guy literally annihilates his former high school bully here. I don’t think any string of words could possibly do this man and his actions justice, but I’ll do my best to try.

Ariel, the mother of the high school bully, went head-over-heels for the former high school dweeb after a few dates and a few romantically intimate nights (they did sex). After no call back from Rob (the savage), Ariel decided to take manners into her own hands. She called Hot 96.9 (ironic the radio station has a 6 and a 9 in it…nice) and tried to locate her lover. It did not go as she planned.

Rob revealed to everyone listening that her dick of a son bullied him throughout high school and once he saw her on the internet, he planned to get revenge on him in the worst way imaginable: “I saw her online, I recognized her last name, turns out her son actually bullied the shit out of me and so I figured if I could fuck his mom I would rub it in his face” (Savage named Rob).

His excuse for doing this to the mom was the most non-chalant take I’ve ever heard from somebody who just embarrassed and humiliated an adult: ¬†“Look, it is what it is”. He goes on to boast how awesome it is that he gets to tell this bully, Sam, that his own mom called a radio station because she needed some more action from him. ¬†There is no coming back from this if you are Sam. The game is over. ¬†No amount of tittie-twisters, locker shoves, wedgies, or nuggies could ever make up for this act. Even retaliation would just seem desperate. ¬†This is the biggest “L” a person can take.

Image result for big l's

He then says he took a shit ton of pictures, which is insanely fucked up if she didn’t know and the one part of this that I think this guy went too far with, but with the one-liner to close out this historic performance he says “You were making direct eye contact with it, don’t pretend you didn’t know what was happening”. ¬†Today is definitely a bad day to be a guy named Sam.

Lesson Learned: When they say be kind to everyone, listen. You never know who is going to turn around in 10 years and go fuck your mom.


Is Ramapo Great Again?

Last year, different kinds of phrases related to Trump’s campaign slogan floated around Ramapo College. Make the Village Great Again, Make Ramapo Great Again, and so on and so on. ¬†Yesterday, September 5th, was move-in day at The Po, and for essentially every student, that means being back with your friends and drinking all day and night. Unpack your stuff, go to Bottle King, and ruin your next day by drinking everything. There were questions about what might happen since it started pissing around 8/9 PM, but a little water was never going to stop (apparently???) New Jersey’s best academic public college.

After a tough past two years and Ramapo basically having like four to five fun campus-wide nights per year, last night was a breath of fresh air.  Being allowed to just chill in the village, have some drinks, and not have to worry about Public Safety breaking the whole thing up for literally no reason is a good sign for the year to come.

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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy #3: Trade Bait

As your friends finally go back to school and the Snapchat stories and Instagram feeds begin to pile up with college parties and everybody “finally being back” after a grueling 4 months of summer vacation, another thought comes to mind.

Football season. ¬†And football season means fantasy football season. And that means happiness. For my third and final draft strategy, I will focus on the art of drafting a team with major trade bait. ¬†Essentially, you want to find players that have unique value and have potential for breakout seasons that you can include in a trade to get guaranteed production. You don’t care about your lineup or anything, because you know that half the guys won’t be there come halfway through the season.

NOTE: I desperately wanted Kareem Hunt (KC-RB), but another person took him one pick before me. It should be acknowledged he has Donald Trump HUGE trade value right now.

I had the 3rd overall pick in this draft, here is the squad:

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Hey, Rutgers: Do the Right Thing and Free the Alley

With fall semester right around the corner, Rutgers students are ready to finally get back to school and hit the books hard. Although most of us love studying whenever we can, some students are excited to dabble in the social aspect of college. And during fall semester, that means tailgate season.

Since Rutgers is a Big Ten school, they must have awesome tailgates at the parking lots outside High Point Solutions Stadium, right? No, of course not! Our tailgates are actually in a different city than where the game takes place (kind of a cheap shot but Busch is in Piscataway and College Ave is New Brunswick). Continue reading Hey, Rutgers: Do the Right Thing and Free the Alley