Ezekiel Elliott is Paying the Price for Roger Goodell’s Past Mistakes and It’s Absolute Bullshit

Not gonna waste anytime with an intro here, just gonna cut right to the chase: Ezekiel Elliott getting suspended for 6 games is the biggest crime Fuhrer Goodell has committed in his long list of crimes as Tyrant of the NFL.

For awhile now, people have assumed that Elliott was going to receive a 2 game suspension at the conclusion of the NFL’s investigation. I was going to write this blog just as angrily and use the same arguments for saying that he should not be suspended at all. First of all, it’s absolutely ridiculous that the NFL could find out things while investigating that the police could not. Charges were never pressed against Zeke last year because it was all he-said she-said, and there was no evidence whatsoever that Zeke is the one who gave Tiffany Thompson bruises. From what I remember reading, Tiffany was not his girlfriend, but it was implied she was a girl he was getting with. The accusations came out after Elliott broke off their relationship.

Now whether there was any domestic violence or not, it’s clear she was out to get him. Then evidence was released that Thompson told a friend to lie to police about one of the instances of domestic violence. In addition, of the 5 counts of domestic violence Elliott was accused of, this was the only one with witnesses, and the witnesses said there was no violence involved. Back to this instance in a moment.

No charges were pressed against Zeke last summer, as the police dropped the case. Now, I completely understand the NFL doing an investigation of their own. Goodell and Co. have screwed up too many times to count when it comes to domestic violence and felt they needed to get this right. However, this investigation took way too long. Luckily, it never seemed to be a distraction to Zeke on the field (maybe because he didn’t do anything). First of all, it’s absolutely ridiculous that the NFL can still suspend someone when they were found innocent, especially when no charges were even pressed. However, I understand they they can do this and it has been done before (ex: Ben Roethlisberger). Even though I feel there should be no suspension, it honestly wouldn’t have been CRAZY to give him 2 games because the NFL may have felt there was some violence involved, but they still can’t fully prove it, and they could have thrown in something else about his other off the field behavior. But the NFL was adamant that their decision was strictly involving domestic violence. And there decision was an absolute crime. Continue reading Ezekiel Elliott is Paying the Price for Roger Goodell’s Past Mistakes and It’s Absolute Bullshit

Yankees/Sox Summary & Subway Series Preview

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I’m done with Aroldis Chapman. That’s now two blown saves against the Red Sox this year, and almost another on Friday night. That’s inexcusable. He can’t close important games anymore, let David Robertson do that. I don’t care what Chapman makes, he crumbles under pressure. While Didi Gregorious has made the transition from the Jeter era seamless, Chapman constantly reminds Yankee fans that there will never be another Mariano Rivera.

It sucks that they didn’t take 2 out of 3. But the way I see it, we stole one from them and they returned the favor last night. Friday night was the best win of the year. When you turn a 4-run lead over in the eighth to your newly acquired setup man, you probably expect to win that game. But the Yankee bats finally came to life, and some heroics by Aaron Hicks, Didi Gregorious and Todd Frazier helped the Yankees to a 5-4 win, sealed by an awesome 7-5 double play in which Hicks’ throw got Eduardo Nunez trying to tag from 2nd to 3rd.

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Do Pitchers Deserve MVP Consideration?

When you work a summer job in college, you have downtime. When you have downtime, you go on Facebook. And when you go on Facebook, you get in sports-based arguments with grown men in the comments section of the MLB Network page. You will never catch me talking about politics on social media, or really anywhere in general, because I’d rather listen to that awful sound a fork makes when you drag it across a plate than debate Becky from Ohio on health care. Anyway, I got into a friendly debate (actually friendly, trust me this went very well because I can get VERY triggered when it comes to sports on Facebook) with James from Minnesota and David from Michigan.

The MLB Network post was debating who should be the American League MVP this year, and the three guys they brought up were Jose Altuve, Aaron Judge, and Chris Sale. While Judge was the consensus favorite at the All-Star break, his slump since then has made Altuve the favorite. I agree with this 100%, but anyone who is trying to make a case for anyone besides Judge to win AL Rookie of the Year needs to take a lap, maybe even two. Chris Sale has been unreal for the Red Sox, boasting a 14-4 record with a 2.57 ERA, 0.88 WHIP and 229 strikeouts. The guy is gonna be the AL Cy Young award winner, no doubt about it. But does he deserve MVP consideration? Does any pitcher?

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Rutgers Basketball Currently Has Top-10 Recruiting Class for 2018 (Not Fake News)

I’m a big-time Rutgers fan. Both my parents went there, so I’ve followed their football and basketball teams since like 4th grade. Once I made the decision to go there, obviously my fandom reached another level, considering I can go to a bunch more games than I ever did before. Let’s be brutally honest here, Rutgers has been absolutely bullied in Big Ten competition since joining the conference in 2014. I won’t get into football because I’m still trying to recover from last season, and that’s not what I’m here to blog about. No, I’m here to talk about the basketball team.

Rutgers football has at least had some successful seasons that I can remember. Rutgers basketball has been a trainwreck for awhile. But there’s been some exciting moments in the past few years for the Scarlet Knights. I was there in 2015 when they beat eventual NCAA runner-up Wisconsin at the RAC (if Wisconsin beat 38-0 Kentucky and Rutgers beat Wisconsin, Rutgers technically went 39-0 that year. It’s science.) Corey Sanders and co. have actually been relatively competitive in the Big Ten games I’ve seen at the RAC, too, staying within striking distance of national powerhouses like Michigan St. and Indiana. But will Rutgers ever compete for a Big Ten crown, or make the NCAA tournament? Well, get a load of this.

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A Tweet That Was So Annoyingly Basic It Had to Be Blogged About: A Joint Rant Presented by BTB

Bert: I saw this tweet this morning and I swear to you, I have never seen something more basic in my almost 20 years of existence. The whole “you could die tomorrow so live your life now” concept is great. Cool. Live in the present, be happy, yada yada yada. Stop talking about it and do it. Continue reading A Tweet That Was So Annoyingly Basic It Had to Be Blogged About: A Joint Rant Presented by BTB

Mayor Duck Special – Ep. 3 “Panthers @ Texans”

What better way is there to break down the highly anticipated first official preseason game of the year than a Mayor Duck Special podcast?

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You hear that silence? Me too. Enjoy!


Why Do GM’s Insist on Giving Slightly Above Average Players Groundbreaking Deals

Devonta Freeman is good.  Not great.  I wouldn’t put him in the top 5 running backs in the NFL, but I would say he’s close. Unfortunately for Freeman though, he’s about to be added to a bad list of people. Too many times players who are not the best get paid like it, and I’m here to speak up.

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Every owner in sports

I’m not talking about long contracts where the player ripened out towards the end, or contracts where players just weren’t that good but it didn’t break the bank, or the player got suspended. I’m talking about contracts where the team foolishly signs players as if they are an elite talent, and there was never a possibility of that happening.

Freeman should not have been paid like he was the best back in football, simply because he is not. Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, or Zeke should be paid as such.

Mike Conley should have never been paid like he was. At $34 million in 2020, he will compare with some of the league’s elite players in terms of salary, but certainly not in play. Continue reading Why Do GM’s Insist on Giving Slightly Above Average Players Groundbreaking Deals