Inaugural BTB Video: Founders All-Time Baseball Draft

There are moments in your life you just don’t forget. Your high school graduation. Getting married. The birth of your kids. Posting your first video to a college blog you and your friends from high school made. Well, we can cross another one of those off the bucket list today – no, Bert isn’t getting married, BTB Sports has posted their first ever video. Here goes nothing.


If you had one game to win, and the entire history the baseball to choose from, who would you put out on the field?

We drafted in a snake format, going from Bert, then Stanzo, and wrapping up with Dave.

You get a full infield and outfield, one starting pitcher, and one relief pitcher. NO DH. And of course, a manager.

Check out the video, and the final lineups are posted below. Feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more BTB Sports content.



C- Buster Posey

1B- Stan Musial

2B- Pete Rose

SS- Derek Jeter

3B- Mike Schmidt

OF- Ted Williams

OF- Joe DiMaggio

OF- Barry Bonds

SP- Randy Johnson

RP- Mariano Rivera

Manager- Joe Torre


C- Yogi Berra

1B- Albert Pujols

2B- Jackie Robinson

SS- Honus Wagner

3B- Alex Rodriguez

OF- Babe Ruth

OF- Hank Aaron

OF- Ken Griffey, Jr.

SP- Nolan Ryan

RP- Rollie Fingers

Manger- Tommy Lasorda


C- Johnny Bench

1B- Lou Gehrig

2B- Robinson Cano

SS- Cal Ripken, Jr.

3B- Brooks Robinson

OF- Willie Mays

OF- Vladimir Guerrero

OF- Mickey Mantle

SP- Pedro Martinez

RP- Trevor Hoffman

Manager- Tony LaRussa


The Yankees’ Youth Movement is Wildly Entertaining

The Yankees have started to look like the Mets lately. In the past week, they’ve sent Aaron Hicks, Starlin Castro, and Matt Holliday to the DL, and Tyler Austin could be next. This prompted the Yanks to call up “Baby Bombers” like Tyler Wade and Miguel Andujar to make their MLB debuts. The announcers said pregame last night that 7 of the 9 starters (everyone besides Headley and Didi) had played for the Scranton Rail Riders, the Yankees AAA affiliate. That’s unheard of for the Yankees, who are usually active in free agency (or “buying championships” as Mets fans will say.)

Andujar had a three-hit, four-RBI game in his major-league debut, including a 2-run single in the first to make it 3-0 Yanks.

Hopefully, it was a sign of bright things to come.

If you’d have told me last night that this Yankee lineup

would score 12 runs, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But that’s exactly what they did, giving Tanaka the run support he needed to go out and throw 6 strong innings giving up only 2 runs.

In other news, Aaron Judge continued to do Aaron Judge things.

Just a really fun game to watch after losing a heartbreaker 4-3 the night before. Obviously you can’t expect that lineup to put up 12 runs every night. But if these guys keep producing, you can’t help but wonder what it’ll be like when Hicks, Holliday, and Castro come back.


Image result for good to be back meme

P.S. Dustin Fowler coming up tonight too? Let’s get it.

Monday Night Raw Takeaway: Donald Trump + Kevin Hart’s Dad = LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball is a mad man. Everything that he does is so painful to listen to but you kind of don’t want him to shut up because his actions are so cringe worthy that it’s reversed into must watch television. It would almost be a brilliant marketing move on his part if I wasn’t 100% positive that this man has no idea what in God’s name he’s doing and is just a legitimate jackass. Back to the story, earlier this week on Monday night, LaVar and his younger son LaMelo finally hit the big leagues. They entered the Mecca of the sports world, Monday Night Raw, to spread the good word on Big Baller Brand to the likes of a fashion icon in his own right, The Miz. These legends will not sit around and ride the coat tails of Lonzo. It’s just not in the script for Lavar. That’s not Ball family ethic. I mean, can you blame LaVar? Think of the track record of celebrities coming onto Monday Night Raw.

Image result for donald trump wwe gif

Check mate. I’m not saying that a Monday Night Raw appearance delivers a clear path to the White House but I’m not not saying that a Monday Night Raw Appearance delivers a clear path to the White House. Did I just release the plot for season 6 of House of Cards? Of course not, but that’s exactly what the person who just released the plot for season 6 of House of Cards would say. Now let me hop back out of devil’s advocate for a hot second.

On the other side of this two pronged argument is Kevin Hart’s dad. For those of you who haven’t heard of this wild card, here’s a glimpse into how Kevin describes growing up with this man was like:

Aaaaaand now back to LaVar

Now of course I’m not insinuating that LaVar Ball does drugs, I think, but if you try to tell me that that is anything but the no draws run, you’re not only lying to yourself, but mankind at large. You best believe LaVar has all makes and models of nature swinging down south for the WWE world to see. On top of that, how can you not say that the spelling bee story has LaVar Ball written all over it. If there was a Ball brother named LaKevin who participated in spelling bees and debates I can only imagine that LaVar would be screaming that shit verbatim.


Curry for a 3 (putt)!

Stephen Curry: 2x NBA MVP, 2x All-NBA First-Team, 2x World Champion, the list goes on and on. Most recently, Curry will add ‘Player in the field’ of a event to his impressive resume. Most of you are wondering what the hell the tour is (understandably). The tour is called “the road to the PGA tour” because at the end of the season, the top 125 money earners earn their PGA tour card. As most extremely talented, dedicated and passionate athletes would want the chance to compete at the highest level, Curry is taking a spot away from one of those people that should be in the field. The whole reason for doing pro-am events and pro-am rounds before tournaments is to showcase these high class athletes that play in other sports such as the NFL, MLB and NHL. I’m not doubting Curry’s ability to golf, he’s around a scratch golfer which means he shoots around even par, he’s solid.

The USGA conducts the US Open every year, this tournament allows anyone with a handicap of 1.4 or lower to attempt to qualify. Only the top players in the world of golf and 79 of 8,000 or more people who entered, can qualify, and play among the world’s best, with no sponsor exemptions. Your spot in that field is earned, not given because you’re great at another sport. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I feel some will understand why letting Curry play on a sponsor’s exception seems unfair.

Image result for golf

Each week, there are 115-130 players in the field for each event (the cap depends on a number of variables). The field fills up every week because these players have dedicated their lives to making the PGA Tour, every dollar counts at the end of the year. By Curry taking one of those spots, he is taking the place of a member of the Tour that is busting his ass, day in and day out, to reach the pinnacle of his sport. He’s taking an opportunity away from someone that needs it WAY more than he does. I understand Steph isn’t playing for the money or the fame, but rather for the love of the game. Personally, I don’t think he knows how much that spot in the field is worth to a member of the tour. It may seem like I’m shaming Curry for this, but it’s really the tour that’s allowing the sponsor exemption to happen. He understands the time and effort these pros have put in to get to the level they are at, as Curry explained in a Golfworld article:

“I’m very sensitive to the experience of the PGA Tour guys out there who have dedicated their life to what they do, just like I have with basketball. I don’t think I could, obviously, just jump out there; it’d be a lot of work that would go into it.”

I respect the fact that Steph is going to step on that first tee and want to be prepared for the tournament, he knows what it takes to be the best of the best. But was it the right move for the tour to give him a spot in the field? Would you want a big name athlete playing in your favorite sports events just because they were given a sponsor exemption, and not based on talent? I doubt it.

A Year Later, Let’s Look Back at the Derrick Rose Trade- That Is, Through the Eyes of Gilbert Arenas

June 22, 2016: The Bulls sent Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, and a pick to the Knicks in exchange for Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant, and Robin Lopez. For the Knicks, who’s management has been among the worst in all of sports in recent seasons, this was a very low risk move, trading average players for a former star who has been crushed by injuries and had just one year left on his contract. While Rose’s numbers were not bad last season in New York, it is just another deal that falls under the laughingstock of moves Phil Jackson has made due to the Knicks performance on the court as a team this past season. One of my favorite moments of the season was when the Knicks decided not to trade Derrick Rose for Ricky Rubio. Head-to-head, you may agree they should choose Rose in favor of Rubio, but the Knicks chose Rose instead of Rubio due to Rubio’s “injury history”. Wait, what?

  • Rose missed Games 2-6 against the 76ers in the 2012 Playoffs, as well as all of the 2012-13 season after tearing the ACL in his left knee in Game 1 of that series
  • Rose missed all of the 2013-14 season from November 22 on after tearing the meniscus in his right knee
  • While it was much more successful that his 2013-14 campaign, Rose played in just 51 games in 2014-15 due to multiple knee injuries

*just over a month after the non-trade*

But Rubio is the one to be concerned about, of course.

While this was comical, the greatest moment in Derrick Rose’s tenure as a Knick (he still could be resigned this offseason) happened on Instagram the day the trade news was broken.

Image result for gilbert arenas derrick rose

Image result for gilbert arenas derrick rose

No. Chill. Gil. Just weeks after he tormented Nick Young and his son,

Gil went viral again, this time on his Instagram page. Gilbert Arenas does not post too often, but he is a must follow for when he does. Let’s try and breakdown Gil’s unique analysis on this trade.

“Hold up wait a min…..I take a nap and wake up to this sh*t here….#Drose just got traded for #Calderon and#RobinLopez? #HUH”

  • Of course he had just woken up from a nap. Still confused, checks his phone, probably thinks he’s still dreaming and takes him a few minutes to realize the news is real.

“#ayeshacurry the NBA must be rigged girl lol”

  • Perfect timing with this one, as this was just 3 days after the finals ended and 6 days after Ayesha’s spoiled-child-not-getting-what-they-want twitter rant.

“#philJackson just got derrick rose for (two scratch and sniff lotto tickets, one of shawn kemp 9 kids and bootleg copy of #riri cd (music of the son WITHOUT #PonDeReplay )😂😂.”

  • The randomness gets under way, compares the 3 players the Knicks traded to other “useless” items.

“I’m not saying #chicagobullsGM is doing #crack, all I’m saying is this move was very CRACKISH….this is like tipping a crackhead outside a #nightclub for waving you over 4 the FREE PARKING SPACE (I was saving this for you big man) #YouJustDontDoIt”

  • Bulls GM Gar Forman has to know not to being tipping crackheads outside of night clubs just for waving him over to a free parking space.

“this is embarrassing CHICAGO…. I could have giving u a better deal then what you got.”

  • No Chill Gil for #chicagobullsGM

“I need derrick rose on my #YMCA team so ill give u (the cell phone #deangelorussell used to film his teammates confession last season, I have clear sound bite from when#royhibbert got slapped in preseason by#trevorbooker…u can clearly hear him say#OUCHHHHn*ggaThatHurts and ill throw in two #AllAccessPasses to go see Meek Mills Back stage in #toronto during #ovofest hahaha do we have a deal CHICAGO??”

  • Arenas 100% still plays at a local gym or in some sort of men’s league. It’s only a matter of time before he makes his Big 3 debut. Now THAT is something I would love to watch.  (Also giving DLoading and Trevor Booker some love)

“Im sorry yall but Phil Jackson must have a tape of the bulls GM playing with #caitlynjennerBalls or something to agree to that trade😂😂😂😂#PhilRealMVP #BlackMailTrade??”

  • The Zen Master! Genius! I’m shocked this tactic does not have the Knicks in position to win a championship this season.

No Chill Gil’s hashtag game is unlike anything we have ever seen. #OUCHHHHn*ggaThatHurts, #caitlynjennerBalls, and the countless other hashtags on random words. If you read as much as you can on the internet about Gilbert Arenas’s past on and off court, as well as check out his social media, you’ll discover he is truly the most interesting man in the world. This country needs another segment of Gilbert Arenas tormenting Swaggy P’s life. Kanye said it best. Name one genius that ain’t crazy.

Another Champion Goes Into the Books for the Greatest Playoff Tournament There is in Sports


That’s all that can really be said after another absolutely magnificent College World Series. And I was one who thought the 2016 Coastal Carolina comeback couldn’t be topped, but man did the 2017 tournament showcase so many amazing aspects about college baseball on and off the field.

Personally, I think one of the most moving moments was even before the final 8 teams secured their spots in Omaha. 64 teams played in 16 different regionals with the winner of each regional squaring off in a 3 game series dubbed the “super regional”. One of these super regional matchups that caught the attention of some baseball fans was the Florida State – Sam Houston State super regional. Like many of you, I had never heard a peep about Sam Houston State previous to this year, and the games and line scores isn’t exactly what made this matchup memorable. Sam Houston lost the series in two games. Game 1’s score was 7-6 and then in game two they got their doors blown off 19-0. The press conference following game 2… in a word… chilling. It gave a sense of what it means to be a team and a family, what the sacrifice of such a team is like, and what it takes to be a true winner. What may be shocking to many is that all of this was spoken by the losing teams coach. And if you haven’t already and you’re a sports fan (which you should be if you are on this blog… if you’re not a sports fan and you have read this much gtfo of my article) this stuff is must watch (and conveniently right below).

Then, right before the 8 team tournament was about to begin the 1-seed, Oregon State, suffered a pretty big blow off the field. A Beavers’ top pitcher who was leading the 54-4 team had sex crime charges reach the public. After a couple of days of speculation before the tournament kicked off, the team and pitcher decided it was best for him not to participate in the College World Series.

When the tournament kicked off the play didn’t let the fans down either. Teams like Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, and Texas A&M who weren’t even ranked on certain polls were some of the final 8 teams left to fight for a national championship. A few of the most intriguing matchups were Oregon State against LSU and Florida against TCU. Both matchups had 3 games apiece and both matchups also ended in a double elimination game. Oregon State won the first matchup between them and LSU sending LSU to the loser’s bracket. LSU then had to complete the impossible… defeat Oregon St. 2 games in a row to make it to the CWS Final. A feat that seemed highly unlikely considering Oregon hadn’t lost 2 consecutive games all season. In 2 games that featured some wild defense, a few sick dingers, and some controversial calls LSU came advanced. A lot of the same could be said about the Florida TCU matchup. The main difference was that that Florida jumped to the 1-0 series lead before TCU answered back in a game that many thought would carry over into game 3. TCU put together a 9-2 win in game 2 and their whole team effort stood out. However, Florida punched their ticket into the Final with a 3-0 win in game 3.

The Florida v. LSU Final was set, and all that the fans had to do was sit back, relax, and enjoy the excellence that was about to come. Actually, if you are an LSU fan you also probably threw some garbage on the field, remotes at your television, and tantrums to your mother at some point during the series because you are uneducated about the rules of the game and thought you were getting screwed on every close play. Game one was and down to the wire with Florida eventually pulling away with the 4-3 win. Florida’s Brady Singer fired 7 solid innings, always pitching with a lead. Singer’s performance was one of my favorite of the tournament throwing 112 pitches and truly emptying the tank. It wasn’t a perfect outing, Singer gave up 8 hits and 3 runs, but his 12 strikeouts were dominating and you could tell that he left all that he had on the field.

Game 2 may have ended with a 6-1 score, giving Florida their first National Championship in school history, but the craziness to get to that point started in the 7th inning. With runners on first and third, no outs, and down by one LSU hit a chopper to the right side which was fielded, tossed to second, and thrown to first completing the double play – but also tying the game. Immediately after the slide at second, the second base umpire CORRECTLY called a dead ball caused by a reckless slide into second base, called the runner out at first, and sent the runner who originally scored back to third. And the game remained 2-1 with two outs. The next batter lined out squashing the LSU rally. In the bottom of 8th LSU rallied again. The leadoff runner reached base, got to second on a wild pitch, and was bunted to third and Florida unable to catch the speedy bunter was left to defend another situation with runners on first and third and no outs. Again, they found a way to do so. With LSU’s 3,4, and 5 hitters up the 3rd batter struck out, the 4th batter failed a hit and run and hit a ground ball that Florida’s first baseman snagged and threw home to get the runner on third, and the 5th hitter lined out to end another rally. Florida tacked on 4 in the top of the 9th and dogpiled after 3 quick outs in the bottom of the 9th.

You know… It’s watching games like the ones we constantly see in the CWS that give me the most excitement as a fan. I give ESPN a lot of shit, but I gotta give them props for giving an amazing level of the world’s greatest sport national airtime. To me, this tournament is slowly creeping its way up my list of annul sports tournaments that are must watch, and if you haven’t already, you need to give these guys a shot to get your attention. I guarantee after watching a few innings of one of these games you won’t want to change the channel.

We’ve Made a Petition to Release Tyler Clippard

This guy just flat out STINKS. Can’t watch him pitch anymore. If Joe keeps managing the bullpen this way, soon enough it’ll be #FireGirardi. But for now, it’s #ReleaseClippard. Sign the petition, and help us make a change in the Yankee community.